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Author: Pasqualina Coffey  
Posted: 2011-03-20 00:00:00

Had a brilliant stay at Dive Timor Lorosae! The diving was amazing, the instructors awesome and everyone in between an absolute delight to meet.

Definitely would recommend a stay, a dive and a cold drink upstairs.

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Author: Frank     Posted: 2004-09-07 08:44:39
Great diving in East Timor!! I did the Advanced Open Water Course with Tessa. I also dove with Dave at K57 and Atauro, and with Mark and Malo in Com.
Thanks for the great diving experiences. I?m looking forward to coming back soon.

Author: Marian     Posted: 2004-08-31 00:08:26
Hey guys! Thanks for one of the best experiences in my life! Did my Advanced course with Martin and thank you for your patience! Just came back from a liveaboard in Egypt and there I dived with your lessons in mind and had a great time, though now my friends and I are planning a trip to East Timor because I told them the diving was better and more relaxed!
See you all there!! Can't wait!

Author: The SWWWINGER !!!     Posted: 2004-08-23 18:27:04
Alright, I have to admit that a wetsuit feels better than a business suit! Back in Holland, feels cold... Miss the world class diving and you crazy bunch! Cave in November? Can't wait. Off to NY on september 15. Say hi to Simon and the rest!!

Author: Joost     Posted: 2004-08-20 05:09:30
This awesome site is powered by GiantSites!

Author: Philos     Posted: 2004-08-19 07:07:17

You chops are dong a spledid job in Timor.

I miss yo all very musch. Especial the small man who speek funnie and sound like John Lemmon.
I watch the VDO i buy evry day and wish viry musch to b there.

well til neex time........



Author: Azian (Malaysia)     Posted: 2004-08-11 17:11:04
Hi Guyz! Just love the scene down there. I wish I could explore it myself. Keep up the good work. Let's make your country 'stand' in the eyes of the world.

Author: Marcos     Posted: 2004-08-11 16:05:12
Hey guys, good work...you just show the small part of Timor seabed resources. It's really a great contribution...please keep up the good work.

Author: Patrick     Posted: 2004-08-10 23:22:28
Went on a 'Scuba Experience' introductory dive in August 2004. Martin was the instructor and did a great job helping me to overcome my nerves. And boy was it worth it. It was incredible, the colour, the range of fish, the variety, all so close. Unforgettable.

Author: Aneta     Posted: 2004-08-10 11:44:24
Thanks again for the dives. Ill make sure i let everybody know about Dive Timor and the castaway bar!

All the best

Author: kevin love timor     Posted: 2004-08-08 06:30:41
viva timor leste!!...keep moving on Timor..i love you!!

Author: Bruce     Posted: 2004-08-05 14:12:01
Great site guys. Love the staff photo's and descriptions. Sounds like you guys always have a laugh and a great time on your trips. Cant wait to get back in the water with you.

Hope to see you all soon.

Author: Shaun     Posted: 2004-08-05 14:10:24
Hi Guys,

Great dive this weekend. Thanks for the adventure hope to be back ASAP to see all you guys again.

Author: Kassondra     Posted: 2004-07-31 17:48:12
Hey there its Kassondra Favaro- one of the girls backflipping of your boat in the new promo booklets on ET. We're back in Adelaide now and missing ET so very much! Hope to be back soon. The website is great, awesome pics. All the best, Kassondra

Author: Zoe     Posted: 2004-07-31 17:32:14
Whow...great .. love it.. fantastic..smashing..... Want to do it all again next week... Thanks Mark.. You guys are the best..........

Author: Joost     Posted: 2004-07-29 20:25:59
Hi guys thanks for all and hope to see you soon.

Author: Joe     Posted: 2004-07-28 09:07:56
Thanks guys for all your help and understanding. Ill be back to dive with your again for sure.


Author: Jeff new diver july 2004     Posted: 2004-07-27 22:53:30
Hi everyone... Thanks for the Open Water course.. It was great fun and a good experience.. You blokes have a great life style there in East Timor.. i am going back the Office where i can practice my finning under the desk..;-0 Keep up the good work and ill see you again..

Author: lideke and charlot     Posted: 2004-07-24 02:18:00
Hello mark, maarten and tessa and everybody else!

Still remembering the beautifull diving at the reefs of atauro! How about the certificates of bernard and lideke?
Nice website , good work Joost.....
Love from both of us , mother and daughter

Author: Maria (Portugal)     Posted: 2004-07-20 09:26:21
Hello all you Guys, just have to say something, and ill keep it short. I learn to dive there with Dave and he was so great,i am a teacher and he taught me some things about teaching that I will always remember. I had a great time and am going to come back to East Timor in September. So i will looking forward to seeing you all again... Thank you Dave.. Maria

Author: Annie     Posted: 2004-07-12 09:03:20
I just saw this website and was wondering about coming to East Timor to dive in August. Also please confirm if you are the only PADI dive centre in East Timor?
Thank you,

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