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Author: Pasqualina Coffey  
Posted: 2011-03-20 00:00:00

Had a brilliant stay at Dive Timor Lorosae! The diving was amazing, the instructors awesome and everyone in between an absolute delight to meet.

Definitely would recommend a stay, a dive and a cold drink upstairs.

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Author: Mark M     Posted: 2006-12-08 15:35:17
Merry Christmas to all DTL divers and everyone else.
May you have a safe and fun break and hope to see you all in Timor for the new year.

Author: Krzysztof     Posted: 2006-11-08 07:20:10
Pozdrowienia z Polski dla ca?ej rodziny Mielszygrosz z Melbourne Do zobaczenia ..

Author: Mark Mialszygrosz     Posted: 2006-10-20 17:50:23
Please email us at info[at]divetimor.com and yes we will be able to arrange all your needs

Author: Mark M     Posted: 2006-10-20 17:50:23
Hi Anna,

you can fly from Bali direct to timor with MERPARTI airlines.

The flight is arounf 285 usd return.

Please email us at info[at]divetimor.com and we will be happy to organise your holiday for you.


Mark M
Dive Timor

Author: Webmaster     Posted: 2006-10-20 17:50:23
It's a great website. Keep going, guys...

Author: ian     Posted: 2006-10-20 17:50:23
i would like to wish the best for this new country Timor Leste.
Also doses any body know any thing about purchaseing Real Estate in Timor.

Author: krzsztof     Posted: 2006-10-20 17:50:23
hello Mark pozdrowienia z Polski!!!do zobaczenia w Australi krzysztof[at]wp.pl This is very very cool

Author: Joost     Posted: 2006-10-20 17:50:23
Hi Annie,

The answer to your question is on this page in the PADI website

For any other questions about Dive Timor Lorosae, just send an e-mail to mark.m[at]octa4.net.au

Joost, GiantSites
temporary webmaster DTL

Author: Derek     Posted: 2006-10-09 19:43:25
Hi Mark, to bad you weren't here, had a ball diving again. Margaretha,Steve, Mark and Pedro looked after me and i had a great 4 days diving and got fat in the Castaway bar on all that good food and drink.Next time i might hire a car and drive all the way around the island. Cheers for now and i'll see you next time.

Author: Scott Johnson     Posted: 2006-09-25 09:06:55

I wish you were here in Timor-Leste (East Timor). I would like to thank you for the people you have running Dive Timor. Margareta, Steve, Mark and the rest of your staff. They have made me feel at home and busted their butts to make sure I have had a good time.

Regarding the security issue in Timor and being an American abroad (being we are so loved everywhere right now) I feel welcome and 100% secure. The Timor people are very nice and friendly. I have traveled the world diving from the Red Sea to Malaysia. The security issue I have heard about is a moot point. For anyone wanting to come here I see no reason for concern. In fact I feel safer walking or driving down these streets than I would in a few in LA or San Diego. Mark please feel free to give my e-mail address to anyone who has any questions about Timor.

Thanks Marků.Cheers

Author: esther     Posted: 2006-09-03 15:53:34
hi, i would like to come to dili after i met steven who told me so much about diving in timor. can you please help me with my accommandation?
greetings to steven

Author: Nic     Posted: 2006-08-31 18:11:37
HI Guys....Any body know the phone number or Email from V.Katzung? Thank you for helping!!!!

Author: James     Posted: 2006-08-24 14:09:47
Great trip! Have some amazing dives and adventures while i visited. Thaks again guys for all you help below and above the water.

Author: Shane     Posted: 2006-08-19 14:36:12
Thanks giys for the great trip. Loved the diving and the night life. You really looked after our group and we are looking forward to returning.

Author: Anna     Posted: 2006-08-18 17:07:55
How can i come to East Timor??? Do i need Visa to come over there coz now i living in Bali.I would like to visit East Timor coz everybody said there is so beautiful place for Holiday even for Diving.
Thank you for the Answer.

Author: Anna     Posted: 2006-08-18 17:02:03
hi Guys....

Author: Sebastian     Posted: 2006-07-21 00:37:45
Hi guys - greetings to all of you - had a great time in ET! Did my IDC in april and am working in the caribbean now and already miss all the beautifull diving round Dili and Atauro! Try to come back next year!
Hope you guys are fine and Volker will be back in the water soon!
Mark, Volker, Pedro, Gerd, Simon, Crazy Tattoo Man... all the best for you!!!

Author: Derek     Posted: 2006-07-18 15:50:21
Had another good trip to Dili, K57 and whaleshark point were great and Atauro was awesome as always.It was good to see everyone protesting peacefully and i hope everything improves as the Timorese are great people and deserve better. See you next time.

Author: Makr     Posted: 2006-07-13 00:57:30
Hai joost are your?

Author: Patrick     Posted: 2006-07-11 14:14:38
I`m in china now and there is no diving around here, miss it very mutch :-) and of course all of you
Hope things are ok there and I am locking forward to go diving around Dili again.
lots of Regards

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